Pelargonium Sidoides

Pelargonium sidoides is a member of the geranium family and is native to South Africa. The long-stalked leaves are heart-shaped and the plant has unusual dark red flowers.

The root of the pelargonium sidoides plant is traditionally used for used for the treatment of respiratory ailments including flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, and other ear, nose and throat infections.

Pelargonium sidoides root is rich in essential oils, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and phytochemicals. These ingredients have antibacterial and analgesic characteristics and fight of upper respiratory infections, and shorten the duration of these ailments. As a result, pelargonium sidoides is commonly used as an alternative to antibiotics.

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Pelargonium sidoides root – rough shred


Pelargonium coarse 5mm sifted