Global Fusion Naturals is a wholesale export business, specialising in quality assured Southern African herbal teas, essential oils and herbal medicines (in both unprocessed and value added form). Our herbal medicines and teas are offered either in dried whole form, dried milled form, or as powdered herbal extracts. Global Fusion Naturals trades under the management of Global Fusion Trading CC, a well established import and export business founded in 2006.

Our business makes use of strategic partnerships with a number of farmers, cultivators and wild harvesters of raw materials throughout Southern Africa, ensuring a high quality and consistency of supply of our products. All procurement is made in a sustainable and ethical manner, in compliance with local and international conservation regulations, such as CITES.

Global Fusion Naturals offers products in bulk packaging, or pack them according to our clients’ requirements. For example, our close working relationship with a number internationally certified production and packing facilities means that we can co-ordinate the following:

1) The packing of our teas into tea bags

2) The packing of our herbal products into capsules or tablets

3) The formulation and manufacturing of tinctures, gels and creams using our herbs

4) The printing of our client’s branded packaging for any of the products we offer

Our partnership with several key players in the South African logistics and freight industry means that we are able to offer affordable and efficient worldwide delivery of our products.

Global Fusion Natural’s aim is to provide the finest quality products at highly competitive prices, and to offer exceptional levels of customer service. Our successful track record in the export business speaks for itself. Since our inception, we have supplied hundreds of wholesale consignments of our products to satisfied clients in more than 40 countries worldwide.