Honey Bush Tea

Honey bush tea is made from the Cyclopia plant, which is found in the mountains of the Cape region of South Africa and grows to about 1,5 m tall. In the Spring season, the plant grows yellow flowers which have the aroma of honey, and these are followed by flat brown seed pods.

Honey bush is one of the few of the world’s food crops that is still grown mostly in the wild, although commercial cultivation is increasing. Cultivation has become necessary with the rapid growth of the industry and with the demand for a more uniform product.

There are 23 different species of the Cyclopia species, but only two are commonly used for commercial tea production, Cyclopia Intermedia and Cyclopia Subternata.

The leaves, stems, and flowers are processed to obtain honey bush tea which brews to a deep dark amber color. Honey bush tea has a smooth, fruity, sweet taste without the typical bite found in most green and black teas. This is because it contains virtually no tannin.